Committee details

Housing Scrutiny Sub-Committee

Purpose of committee



The Terms of Reference of the Housing Scrutiny Sub Committee are:


1)      To inform Elected Members and Tenant Representatives on the development and implementation of the Housing Revenue Account Business Plan.


2)      To monitor the performance and delivery of the Council’s landlord services and functions.


3)      To enable the Portfolio Holder and housing officers to brief and consult on any proposed policy and procedural changes that might affect the Council’s housing scrutiny functions.


The Sub-Committee was established as a sub-committee of the Council’s Performance Scrutiny Committee and be chaired by the Chair of the Performance Scrutiny Committee and that membership of the Group comprise:


  • Up to 5 elected members


  • Up to 4 tenant representatives (to be nominated by the Tenant Advisory Panel)


Whilst the Housing Portfolio Holder and any other Member of the Executive Committee cannot legally be a member of the sub-committee, they may be invited to the meetings when appropriate to ensure effective liaison and consultation.


In order to avoid duplication between the Housing Scrutiny Sub-Committee and the other three Scrutiny Committees it will be necessary for the three scrutiny committees to refer any specific housing landlord issues to this Sub Committee with the exception of the right to call-in decisions of the Executive Committee (in respect of any decisions relating to housing management functions) which should be retained by the Select Scrutiny Committee. 


However any report or recommendations of the Sub Committee will be reported directly to the referring Scrutiny Committee before going to the Executive for consideration.


The sub-committee should meet on an 8 weekly cycle.



Contact information

Support officer: Alison Hewson, Democratic Services Officer. (01522 873370)