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Lincolnshire Waste Partnership


The Lincolnshire Waste Partnership is comprised of senior representatives from all the Local Authorities managing waste in Lincolnshire. Representatives from the Environment Agency and the East Midlands Regional Assembly are also invited to attend any meetings.

The major challenge for the partnership is to reduce the amount of waste Lincolnshire sends to Landfill. Great strides have already been made with 50% of household waste in Lincolnshire recycled. Further work to not only recycle but reduce and reuse waste is underway as well as plans to recover energy from waste rather than send it to landfill.

Its Waste Strategy sets out how the partnership intends to deal with the municipal waste in Lincolnshire for the coming years, and the options available as alternatives to landfilling our waste.

In order to meet the requirements of the EU Landfill Directive to reduce the amount of waste going to Landfill the County Council has decided to build an Energy from Waste plant at North Hykeham. This plant will eventually recover energy from up to 150,000 tonnes of municipal waste that would otherwise have been disposed of in landfill.

The plant should be fully operational in 2013.



Contact information

Rachel Wilson Democratic Services Officer
Lincolnshire County Council
County Offices, Newland

Phone: 01522 552107

Website: http://www.lincolnshire.gov.uk

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