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Investors in Lincoln


Investors in Lincoln was established in 1991 by the City of Lincoln Council, working in partnership with a range of other organisations, principally the major development companies in the greater Lincoln area.

The company was set up as part of a response to a growing problem of physical dereliction in parts of the city, as the major engineering employers that had been the mainstay of city employment for over a century continued to decline.

The initial ‘Mission Statement’ for the company was:

“To develop (either through direct delivery, facilitation or influencing others) those sites in greater Lincoln that are otherwise undeliverable through the private sector, and to seek specific opportunities to develop sites in order to contribute to the wider regeneration of the area.”

Over the 23 years since its establishment Investors in Lincoln has been involved in a number of projects, operating in a variety of different ways, but all with a focus on the physical regeneration of Lincoln.


Contact information

David Rossington
Investors in Lincoln
Room NR9 Greetwell Place
2 Limekiln Way, Lincoln

Phone: 07763 130818

Website: http://www.investorsinlincoln.co.uk

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