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Heslam Trust


The Heslam Trust has been purchasing, or contributing to the purchase of Art for the citizens of Lincoln since 1963.

There was very little sculpture in Lincoln prior to 1996 and we are proud to have supported the purchase of much of the public art since that date. We have also, in recent years, purchased work from the Graduates of the University of Lincoln Department of Art and Design, retaining Art which might otherwise have been lost to the City.

The cultural development of The City of Lincoln has progressed dramatically in recent years with the construction of The Collection and restoration of the Usher Gallery. We are proud to have given these initiatives our support and will continue to do so.


Contact information

Mrs A Davies
Andrew and Co Solicitors
1 Flavian Road
Nettleham Road, Lincoln

Phone: 01522 512123

Website: http://www.heslamtrust.org.uk

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