Election results for Lincolnshire

LIncolnshire Police and Crime Commissioner - Thursday, 5th May 2016

Lincolnshire - results
Election Candidate Party 1st Pref % 2nd Pref % Total Outcome
Marc Jones Conservative 39441 35% 8592 49% 48033 Elected
Victoria Ayling UK Independence Party 28583 26% 8837 51% 37420 Not elected
Lucinda Preston Labour 25475 23% Not elected
Daniel Simpson Lincolnshire Independents 18497 17% Not elected
Voting Summary
Details Number
Total votes 111996
Number of ballot papers rejected at the 1st count 2770
Number of ballot papers rejected at the 2nd count 8662
Rejected ballot papers
Description1st Count2nd Count
Unmarked or void for uncertainty14318639
Voting for more candidates than entitled to116122
Want of official mark10
Writing or Mark by which voter can be identified except the printed number and other unique identifying mark on the back1771
Total rejected27708662