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Council food waste collection

We the undersigned petition the council to Many other council across Yorkshire Humber districts have facilities where by council household waste services also collect food waste remains. I would urge the council to build relations with such organisation a few companies exist in the neighbouring Nottingham shire areas as well where households are provided with food waste caddies and these are collected. Local get composting is not a large scale resolution to food waste.

I wish to approach the council with regards to composting of food waste. And also food waste recycling. Many other council authorities of much smaller counties provide households with food waste caddies that collected on fortnightly basis. Local get composting is not a fully viable or successful solution as it is a lengthy process and due to odours can sometimes be counterproductive. By eliminating food waste from bins this will not only solve issue with producing less domestic waste but also the bad smell in landfill sites will be greatly reduced by the elimination of rotting food produce. It’ could also be used to help give back to the community by producing less bulky, less smelly waste and maybe the compost created could be donated to local farming land to produce local produce. Rather than few houses trying to put in the effort the whole community could put in the effort and food is not wasted as such.

Started by: Nooresameen Rana

This ePetition runs from 19/06/2023 to 16/12/2023.

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