Calendar of meetings

Meeting dates are provided below for the municipal year running from May each year. These dates are usually approved by the Council on annual basis, and any dates scheduled for the next municipal year may be subject to approval. Equally, please note that any meeting dates can be changed or created as required throughout the course of the year.

Alternatively you can subscribe to updates in order to receive information via e-mail regarding arrangements for particular committees or to sync your electronic calendar with particular meetings.

February 2023
Friday  Saturday  Sunday 

3 February

4 February

5 February

10 February

11 February

12 February

17 February

18 February

19 February

24 February

25 February

26 February

3 March

4 March

5 March

If you require any further information regarding this or another matter relating to Democratic Services you can contact us by writing to or visiting City Hall, emailing or by telephone (01522 873387).