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Target Setting 2022/23


(Councillors Loffhagen and L Bushell left the meeting at this stage in proceedings)


Andrew McNeil, Assistant Director, Housing Strategy:


a.    provided a report to advise Members of the proposed performance indicator targets normally reported to Scrutiny for 2022/23, to agree the targets and consider how performance information could be monitored and reported throughout the year, together with ensuring that Housing targets were aligned to higher level strategic corporate targets for the authority as a whole


b.    stated that performance information was reported to Housing Scrutiny Sub-Committee on a quarterly basis, and targets reviewed on an annual basis with both tenants and the Committee at the March meeting


c.    highlighted that throughout Covid-19 normal management information had been collated as well as performance against targets; management information was provided wherever practically possible, and members made aware of reasons for any changes to service and performance during this challenging period


d.    reported that throughout 2020/21 there had been delays in repairing and allocating empty properties due to the pandemic and Government instructions on non-essential moves and holding properties for homeless households, therefore the council was currently reviewing voids performance and procedure considering these measures against external restrictions on performance


e.    highlighted that there was now an increase in properties being completed and re-let so performance for the remainder of the current financial year would likely increase, however this was due to numerous longer-term voids now being released


f.     reported on a few properties each month which had not allowed access for annual gas inspections and referred to legal services to seek an injunction from the County Court to obtain entry


g.    referred to continued challenges in respect of rent collection due to changes to legislation for landlords in place until October 2022; Universal Credit claims had increase by 1,028 compared to the previous year, therefore, Tenancy had placed significant emphasis on contact through calls and visits with new targets in place for staff


h.    reported that realistic targets were proposed for 2022/23 based on current performance, national guidance, and benchmarking with similar authorities, as detailed at Appendix 1


i.      advised that LTP members and the Portfolio Holder for Quality Housing had also been consulted on the proposed indicators, and some amendments had been made


j.      summarised that a lower target was proposed for rent loss due to non-payment of rent in order to maximise income and for the non-decent target to reflect that due to the number of properties managed it was not possible to achieve a zero return, all other targets remained unchanged


k.    requested members’ feedback on the content of the report.


Members discussed the content of the report in further detail. The following questions and comments emerged:


·         Comment: Performance Indicator 50, in relation to the percentage of non-decent homes seemed a little high at a target of 1%. It was unlikely to be met as it hadn’t reached that figure before.

·         Response: It could perhaps be realistically reduced to 0.8%.

·         Comment: Performance in respect of rent arrears was likely to be affected by fuel price rises announced from April 1, 2022.

·         Response: Fuel price increases only came through three weeks ago. Officers would wait and see what affect this had on rent arrears.

Daren Turner, Director of Housing and Investment advised that the Tenant Sustainability Team would be available to offer assistance to help tenants sustain their tenancy, giving support with welfare benefits forms and signposting customers to other available support. Housing officers would be out and about offering face to face interaction with residents.

RESOLVED that the proposed performance targets for 2022/23 be approved subject to a revised target of 0.8% for PI 50: Percentage of Decent Homes.

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