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40 - 42 Michaelgate, Lincoln


The Assistant Director of Planning:


  1. described the location of the application for development at 40-42 Michaelgate, a grade II listed building located on the east side of Michaelgate, close to the junction with Steep Hill and Bailgate


  1. added that it adjoined The Harlequin, 20-22 Steep Hill to the east, also a grade II listed building, with a yard to the south of the building beyond at 36 Michaelgate


  1. advised that the property was located within the Cathedral and City Centre Conservation Area


  1. reported on observations made by the City Council’s Conservation Officer as follows:


  • The building had historically been two distinct properties, as suggested by the address, and by the various dates of construction.
  • No. 42, to the north, had been a house and shop dating from the mid and late 18th century. Constructed from brick with a stone plinth, at two storeys plus garrets, it included a late C18 glazing bar shop window with pilasters and cornice.
  • No. 40, to the south, was a domestic property and potentially dated from the 14th century with 18th, 19th, and 20th century alterations. The half-timbered structure sat on a dressed stone and brick ground floor plinth. The gable framing had curved braces and corner posts and the half-timber work was also expressed internally.


  1. added that there was currently access through a party wall that linked the two buildings as a single unit and in recent years the property had been a holiday let, managed by the National Trust, vacant since 2018; the application proposed to reinstate the historic use of the building as two distinct dwellings and it was intended to continue the existing holiday let arrangement with the two dwellings


  1. gave further detail of the proposed external and internal living arrangements for the building as outlined within the officer’s report


  1. confirmed that internal and external alterations were proposed to facilitate the subdivision of the building, which also included repair and enhancement works; whilst these works did not require the benefit of planning permission, an accompanying application (2021/0759/LBC) for listed building consent would consider these with regard to the impact on the building as a designated heritage asset


  1. highlighted that both the full planning permission and listed building consent applications were being presented to Members of Planning Committee for determination due to the application property being in thew ownership of the City Council


  1. referred to the site history to the application site as detailed further within the officer’s report


  1. provided details of the policies pertaining to the application, as follows:


  • Policy LP25: The Historic Environment
  • Policy LP26: Design and Amenity
  • Policy LP33: Lincoln's City Centre Primary Shopping Area and Central Mixed-Use Area
  • National Planning Policy Framework      


  1. advised Planning Committee of the main issues to be considered as part of the application to assess the proposal with regards to:


  • Policy Context and Principle of Use
  • Visual Amenity and Character and Appearance of the Conservation Area
  • Residential Amenity
  • Parking and Highways


  1. confirmed that consultations were carried out in accordance with the Statement of Community Involvement, adopted January 2018


  1. highlighted at the time of writing this report that the consultation period was still underway and to date no statutory or public consultation responses had been received relating to this full application; the consultation period would have expired prior to the committee meeting and any comments received would be provided within the update sheet.


  1. noted, however, that the same consultations had been undertaken for both the full and listed building consent applications; therefore, the responses to the listed building consent application that were relevant to this full application were referenced within the associated report considered next at tonight’s meeting


  1. referred to the Update Sheet tabled at the meeting which included a response from Lincolnshire County Council as Highways Authority stating that it had no objections to the proposed development


  1. concluded that:


  • The sub-division of the property, re-instating its historic use, was welcomed and would neither result in the area losing its mixed-use character nor would it detract from the vitality or viability of the primary shopping area.
  • The external works associated with the sub-division, although not requiring planning permission, would be an improvement to the building and would enhance the character and appearance of the conservation area.
  • The application would not cause undue harm to the amenities of neighbouring properties.
  • The application would therefore be in accordance with the requirements of CLLP Policies LP25, LP26 and LP33 and guidance within the NPPF.


The Committee considered the content of the report in further detail.


RESOLVED that planning permission be grantedsubject to the conditions as set out below.




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