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Addressing the Challenge of Climate Change Vision 2025 Progress Report


Councillor Bob Bushell, Portfolio Holder for Remarkable Place:


a)    provided Performance Scrutiny Committee with an update on progress towards addressing the challenge of the Climate Change Strategic Priority contained in Vision 2025.


b)    explained that there were 11 projects that were being monitored in the work programme for Climate Change as detailed within the Project Monitoring Table at Appendix A of the report.


c)    highlighted that the following projects had been completed within the last 12 months:


·         Gain Environmental Accreditation

·         City of Lincoln Council Travel Plan (2019-2024)

·         Electric Vehicle Infrastructure

·         Air Quality Management Plan


d)    explained that the following projects were flagged as green and were meeting the set milestones:


·         Work with partners on the Lincoln Climate Commission and deliver Lincoln Climate Action Plan

·         Stop using single-use plastics and encourage our partners to do the same

·         Make current and future business premises as energy efficient as possible

·         Climate conscious infrastructure projects developed as part of Town Fund Board vision

·         Central Lincolnshire Local Plan – Climate Policies

·         Setting the Lincoln Standard for Zero Carbon Homes

·         Green Homes Grant Local Authority Delivery Scheme


e)    invited members’ comments and questions.


Question: Members asked whether there was any other available data that went back further and what baseline was being worked from.


Response: This information would be included in the next Remarkable Place Portfolio Holder Report.


Question: Members asked if there were ambitions to move our fleet over to electric vehicles and whether contractors were being encouraged to do so.


Response: BIFFA were looking at trialling an electric bin lorry but these were expensive. The City of Lincoln Council did have some electric vehicles already in the fleet and were looking at transferring the remaining vehicles so that the whole fleet was electric.


Question: Members asked whether there was a Policy where a council tenant could have an electric vehicle charge point added to their property.


Response: There was a policy for existing tenants to bring improvements to their property but they would need to apply/get permission and there was a grant to assist in this process.


Question: Members asked for clarification on the figures provided within the Travel Plan.


Response: Officers were to linvestigate this and check that these figures were correct.


Question: Members asked what would happen to the Green Homes Grant monies due to be spent in 2021; the report stated that 40 homes had been fitted in 2021 but there was no expenditure itemised on the account.


Response: This was a typing error in the report as it should dof read 40 homes would be fitted by the end of 2022. The first stage of this project had not yet started as a formal agreement had not yet been signed with E-ON.


Question: Members asked how people would qualify for the Green Homes Grant.


Response: The scheme was available for people who were in fuel poverty and they would need to apply. The take up for the scheme was not known.


Question: Members asked for information on the results from the consultation that had taken place.


Response: Figures showed that air quality was massively improving within the city and the air quality management area could be significantly reduced. The levels that were in the air quality management area still didn’t exceed the limit. Air quality was being monitored constantly and continued to improve. Latest figures showed that traffic levels had gone back to 92% of pre-pandemic levels.


Question: Members asked if the Air Quality Survey Report  was published.


Response: This would be circulated to members of Performance Scrutiny Committee and should also be available to access on DEFRA’s website.




1.    The figures provided for the travel plan survey to be re-checked by officers.


2.    The Air Quality Survey Report be circulated to members of the Performance Scrutiny Committee.


3.    The content of the report be noted.



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