Agenda item

Lincolnshire Police - Lincoln Performance Overview

Chief Superintendent Nikki Mayo, Lincolnshire Police will present the performance overview to the Committee.


Chief Superintendent Nikki Mayo:-


a)    presented the Police Performance Overview for Lincoln which covered the period up to 31 March 2018


b)    explained that they were trying to reduce demand in the control room


c)    highlighted that there were concerns over safety with regards to people walking out of hospital unsupervised as well as that area being a hot spot for call outs from the prison and PHC (Peter Hodgkinson centre) so calls had generally increased


d)    invited members’ comments and questions


Question: Why had there been an increase in demand in the north of Lincoln?


Response: Due to the demand of patients from Hospital/Prison/PHC there was further work being carried out to increase security for the PHC, it was proving to be a huge challenge.


Question: In relation to the statistics that were presented did these only highlight the calls that were answered?


Response: Yes. They only showed when an incident had been created whether it was urgent or would require to be signposted.


Question: Was the reduction in Anti-Social Behaviour queries due to people calling the City of Lincoln Council and other networks?


Response: They were the statistics that were reported to the call centre although staff had tried to direct calls through to 101 and the street intervention team.


Question: In regards to the number of calls where an incident was created, were 101 calls always being answered?


Response: There had been delays. The statistics showed the calls that were answered but there were plans to look into 101 calls to make improvements.


Questions: With regards to 101 calls, if the call was delayed would it eventually be answered?


Response: There would be a delay however it would be answered eventually. A G4S partner was currently managing the control room. There would be a potentially review on freeing up capacity in the control room to allow for more calls to be answered.


Nikki May explained that there were currently issues with the training that drivers were undertaking which lead to blue light calls being timed out and response times were being delayed further as a result.


Question: What response times did forces in other areas have?


Response: It was standard time across the board. Others had 20 minutes response time rather than 15 minutes due to being in a rural area.


Question: Was there any indication of other police stations closing down soon?


Response: Bracebridge Heath station was closing and staff were moving to South Park. Birchwood remained open at the moment.


Question: When would the new Fire/Police station be opening?


Response: Hopefully the end of September. It was originally going to be the beginning of September but some snagging issues caused delays.


Question: Who was the training organiser for Domestic Abuse?


Response: A lady called Sarah within the force would be able to provide more information on training.


Question: Were the figures for common assault without leading to injury part of the statistics?


Response: No, only what was reported.


Nikki Mayo explained that Operation Argentina had carried out investigations into drug use and begging in the City Centre. From this taking place it had significantly decreased in 2019 compared to 2018 and the setting up of the Evita team had helped hugely to achieve this.


Question: Did the Police identify the drug suppliers?


Response: One strategy of Operation Argentina was cutting to dealers. There were a couple in Sleaford who were caught and the customers objected to it. It had proved to be very successful.


RESOLVED that the contents of the report be noted with thanks by members’.