Agenda item

Application for Development: Land East Of Riseholme Road, Lincoln


The Planning Team Leader:


a.    described the 2.22 acre application site located on the eastern side of Riseholme Road, currently vacant land used previously as an allotment


b.    defined the location of neighbouring properties in relation to the site as detailed within the officer’s report


c.    advised that planning permission was sought for 35 affordable two storey dwellings with a mixture of 2 and 3 bedrooms, 20 of the units to be shared ownership and 15 for affordable rent


d.    reported that the City Council currently still owned the site although the land would be transferred to Waterloo Housing Group should planning permission be granted for the current proposal


e.    stated that the site had been granted outline planning consent including access details although all other matters reserved on 3 February 2017 (Ref: 2016/0987/OUT)


f.     provided details of the policies pertaining to the application, as follows:


·         Policy LP1     A Presumption in Favour of Sustainable Development

·         Policy LP2     The Spatial Strategy and Settlement Hierarchy

·         Policy LP9     Health and Wellbeing

·         Policy LP10   Meeting Accommodation Needs

·         Policy LP11   Affordable Housing

·         Policy LP12   Infrastructure to Support Growth

·         Policy LP13   Accessibility and Transport

·         Policy LP21   Biodiversity and Geodiversity

·         Policy LP23   Local Green Space and other Important Open Space

·         Policy LP26   Design and Amenity

·         National Planning Policy Framework      


g.    outlined the responses made to the consultation exercise


h.    advised members of the main issues to be considered as part of the application as follows:


·         The Principle of the Development in Terms of Planning Policy

·         Impact on Visual Amenity

·         Impact on Residential Amenity

·         Other Matters


i.      concluded that:


·         The principle of the use of the site was considered to be acceptable and the development would relate well to the site and surroundings in relation to siting, height, scale, massing and design.

·         The proposals would also not cause undue harm to the amenities which occupiers of neighbouring properties may reasonably expect to enjoy.

·         Technical matters relating to highways, contamination and drainage were to the satisfaction of relevant consultees or could be controlled through relevant conditions.

·         The proposals would therefore be in accordance with the requirements of the relevant policies within the Central Lincolnshire Local Plan, as well as guidance within the National Planning Policy Framework.


Members discussed the content of the report in further detail, offering support in general to the proposed scheme. The following comments/questions were raised:


·         There seemed to be a landlocked piece of land coming off the application site as detailed on the site layout.

·         Officer Response: The whole site was owned by the City of Lincoln Council, including the piece of land to the side which was not landlocked. It was to be retained by the council at the current time.


·         The report inferred that the land would be transferred to Waterloo Housing Group. Was this as a gift?

·         Officer Response: The land would be transferred as a commercial sale. It was not to be gifted.


·         How fast was the broadband speed to new estates such as this site?

·         Officer Response: The provision of broadband was a matter for the developers, like all other utilities. The speed was likely to be the same as what was already available along Riseholme Road.


·         Was there any provision within the development for solar panels?

·         Officer Response: Solar panels did not form part of the proposals. The new build homes included high energy efficient conservation measures. The high level thermal values of these properties would make energy bills affordable.


·         The link into the adjacent development included a cul-de sac. Would this be used as a through route?

·         Officer Response: There was no through-route. This area would be used for parking spaces only.


RESOLVED, that authority be delegated to the Planning Manager to grant planning permission subject to the signing of a legal agreement to secure the contributions for health care, play space and playing field space, education and the details of the affordable housing and subject to the conditions set out below.


  • Time limit of the permission
  • Development in accordance with the approved plans
  • Samples of materials to be submitted
  • Details of electric vehicle charging points
  • Noise impact assessment mitigation measures implemented
  • Landscaping implemented
  • Highway conditions
  • Details of maintenance of surface water drainage
  • Construction to proceed in accordance with Arboricultural recommendations in terms of tree protection
  • Contaminated land remediation if required
  • Time restrictions on commercial deliveries, waste collection and construction

Supporting documents: