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Internal Audit Recommendation Follow Up


John Scott, Audit Manager:


a.    presented an update on all outstanding audit recommendations over 12 months old, to provide members with more information on older audit recommendations and the ability to request managers to provide further feedback


b.    advised that Caroline Bird, Community Services Manager was unable to attend this meeting due to unforeseen circumstances but would attend the next meeting as requested to provide an update on Boultham Park Restoration Scheme.


Matt Smith, Business Development and IT Manager gave the following update on outstanding IT audit recommendations.


·         ICT Mobile Devices: An asset register was held in IT. IT were now following options to detect most devices in an automated manner, now largely complete. The Finance Team were in the process of preparing a full inventory on IT devices held in council buildings which would help for comparison purposes.

·         ICT Malware: The software Net Consent was now operational which provided the material needed for security management training. Questions were being developed to ensure the effectiveness of the training which would be in place within the next few weeks. It would be revisited annual or bienniallyafter this.

·         IT Applications: Officers were working on a new supplier for upgrading My Info. Once this was in place contractual arrangements would be revised.


Members of the committee asked:


·         With the expansion of Cloud computing, were mobile devices disappearing?

·         Officer response: Some IT assets were smaller, however, every piece of IT equipment formed part of the inventory.

·         These recommendations were over 2 years old. Were officers confident that the revised completion date at the end of March 2019 could be met?

·         Officer response: Resources to complete the manual check of IT devices were ongoing and being given priority for completion heading towards the allocated timescale.


Jaclyn Gibson, Chief Finance Officer gave the following update on outstanding IT Disaster Recovery audit recommendations:


·         Recommendations 5, 6 and 9 identified within Appendix A of the officer’s report were now complete and signed off.

·         Recommendation 3 to provide seating allocation at Hamilton House in an emergency situation would be completed within 1-2 months.

·         Recommendation 4 to provide alternative accommodation for contractors based at Hamilton House was now in place subject to final clarification on timescales required to vacate the premises should space be required.

·         Recommendation 7 to address Recovery Plans would be dealt with over the next six months as part of the refresh of Business Continuity Plans (BCP) for 2019.

·         A test plan had been developed to address recommendation 8 to carry out the next BCP desktop exercise which would take place in April 2019.

·         Recommendation 10 to plan for loss of services up to 2 weeks would be included in the refresh of BCP’s in 2019


Dave Ward, Area Housing Manager (Central) gave the following update on outstanding Tenancy Services audit recommendations:


·         A review on the permanent transfer of the voids team to Tenancy Services was due for completion by the end of March 2019.

·         Development of a pre-tenancy process to bolster up pre-tenancy work would be linked to the above review, as were all other outstanding audit recommendations.




1.    The content of the report and officer responses be noted.


2.    Caroline Bird, Community Services Manager Park be invited to attend the next meeting of Audit Committee to provide an update on the restoration of Boultham Park.

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