Agenda item

Annual Report to Tenants and Leaseholders 2017/18


Chris Morton, Resident Involvement Manager


a.    presented the draft Annual Report to Tenants and Leaseholders 2017/18 for comments.

b.    advised that there was a requirement by Homes England to produce and submit an annual report to tenants and leaseholders each year.


c.    advised that the annual report had been developed in consultation with tenant representatives through the Lincoln Tenants Panel and the Editorial Panel.


d.    highlighted the theme and content of the Annual Report:


·         Successes achieved by housing and to report performance information for 2017/18.

·         To celebrate the communities in Lincoln.


e.    presented 2 previous Annual Reports for comparison and advised that this year’s report aimed to have more of a balance between performance and community information.


The committee asked if the final report could come back to a future Housing Scrutiny Sub Committee before it was published. Chris Morton advised it would not be possible due to the timescales, the report needed to be published by the end of October 2018.


The Chair suggested that the final report be circulated to members of the Housing Scrutiny Sub Committee following the meeting. He advised that he would meet with the LTP representatives on Housing Scrutiny Sub Committee and make any further suggestions for consideration by Executive.


Mick Barber, Vice Chair of LTP requested that next year the report be brought to committee at an earlier stage within the process. Chris Morton responded that LTP had seen the report a number of times and in future it would be brought to Housing Scrutiny Sub Committee in August.


The committee further discussed the content of the Annual Report and raised the following questions and received relevant responses.


Comment: Referred to the In Bloom section and commented that this highlighted only 2 wards within the City and it was felt that information should be presented across all wards.

Response: The In Bloom competition was run by a local church group only in the Moorland and Birchwood area. The Annual report did need to be representative of all areas within the City and it was something to be aware of.

Comment: It was suggested that the wording of the In Bloom competition be changed to show the work that had been done in the these 2 wards and to encourage people to run similar schemes in other areas next year.

Response: The article was intended to show some good work that had been done by our tenants and agreed that it could be amended to encourage tenants in other areas to do similar work.

Comment: There were a lot of gaps in the report where information was missing.

Response: This was a draft report and some of the information was not available yet it would be updated for the final report. The Housing Officer contact information would be updated just before it was published as the information changed frequently.

Comment: Suggested that the Housing Officer contact information be presented by area eg City Centre.

Comment: The performance information that was included in the report was out of date.

Response: The annual report covered the period 2017/2018, the up to date performance information was publicised on a regular basis via Home magazine and Facebook.

Comment: Referred to the Portfolio Holder section of the report and asked for clarification on the new builds?

Response: Councillor Nannestad advised that he would meet with Simon Walters to re-write this section of the report.

Question: Referred to page 11 of the report and asked for clarification on why a thumbs up had been given even though performance had declined from the previous year?

Response: Clarified that the thumbs up was given to show that the target had been achieved rather than a comparison to last year’s performance.

Comment: This needed to be made clearer and suggested that a traffic light system be used.




      i.        The Annual Report be updated to include the suggested amendments and circulated to all Members of Housing Scrutiny Sub Committee.


    ii.        The Chair of Housing Scrutiny Sub Committee to meet with the Housing Scrutiny Tenant Representatives to make any further changes to the Annual Report prior to Executive approval.















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