Agenda item

Portfolio Holder under Scrutiny - Report by Councillor Fay Smith, Portfolio Holder for Remarkable Place


Councillor Fay Smith, Portfolio Holder for Remarkable Place:


a)    presented a report which highlighted the following:

·         Open Space Management

·         Allotments

·         Equipped Play Areas

·         Parks

·         Hatsholme Country Park and Camp Site

·         PAGs

·         Commons

·         Volunteering

·         Arboriculture

·         Street Scene

·         Waste/Recycling

·         Street Cleansing

·         Public Toilets

·         Food, Health and Safety

·         Bereavement Services

·         Air Quality

·         Carbon Reduction

·         Sport Recreation and Leisure Services


b)    Invited member’s comments and questions.


Question: Members asked what the potential for other funding for the bus shelters was to stop them being removed due to maintenance costs.


Response: Officers were trying to work with other organisations but there would still be a reduction in bus shelter numbers as they fell into disrepair. There was no funding available for maintenance.


Question: members asked whether allotments were dug over when they were let.


Response: Yes they were dug out ready for the new tenants and if they were in disrepair then Officers would work with tenants to get the site up and running.


Question: Members asked how air quality was managed and whether there was anything that could be done to improve it.


Response: All areas were positively lower than the air quality standard. Work continued with partners as part of the Air Quality management action plan etc.


Question: Members asked when there would be any movement on the Hartsholme Park masterplan as the previous one was over 10 years ago.


Response: Due to current capacity available, officers couldn’t at present give a commitment as to when works would start. This would be reviewed as part of formulation of Vision 2025


Question: Members highlighted that Hartsholme Country Park Advisory Group had amended their constitution and had made it a good model for Park Advisory Groups. Members asked if the Commons Advisory Panel could become an advisory panel rather than a committee meeting.


Response: The constitutions of the three Park Advisory groups were being brought together and the chairs of each meeting were liasing more and helping each other. The Commons Advisory panel would not be changed due to a commons act that was in place so the group was established by law.


Question: members asked if the Birchwood Leisure Centre footfall stats could be broken down as to what facilities/classes were being used.


Response: Officers agreed to obtain the information requested if available and if not then a snapshot would be sought.


Question: Members asked whether there would be a management fee at Birchwood Leisure Centre.


Response: City of Lincoln Council was paying a reducing fee for three years and thereafter no management fee will paid across either site.


Question: Members asked why more money was being invested into allotment sites when they were at 82% capacity and not full.


Response: More allotments were being put in where the demand was needed. Allotments had trends so investment in allotment sites would help to bring them into use.


Question: Members asked whether talks had taken place with Lincolnshire County Council regarding weight restrictions on Broadgate.


Response: Talks with Lincolnshire County Council had taken place regarding weight restrictions. Weight restrictions would not be put in place as the traffic network would not cope with the restrictions.


Question: Members asked whether the impact of the waste bin stickers was known.


Response: Information from the sticker campaign had not yet been received. South Kesteven District Council were trialling waste food collections. More responsibility was being put on producers rather than Councils.


Question: Members asked what action was being taken to increase the satisfaction of public toilets.


Response: Officers believed that the satisfaction was down to the toilets being charged for and the lack of provision.


Question: Members asked whether it could be publicised more that household could request an additional recycling bin.


Response: If a resident requested an extra bin and could prove that they needed it then City of Lincoln Council would provide one. Side waste was taken as part of our waste disposal.




a)    Officers were to obtain a breakdown of how many visitors were attending each Leisure facility/class at Birchwood Leisure Centre.



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