Agenda item

Presentation by Tina James - Lincoln Community Larder and Joy Blundell - Food Bank


Tina James, Lincoln Community Larder


  1. gave a short presentation outlining the work undertaken by the Community Larder to mitigate poverty in the City

  2. advised that Larder vouchers could be redeemed at either the Community Larder or the Foodbank

  3. advised that the bulk of the food at the larder was purchased with a steady stream of donations, however, demand had soared in recent years and the donations were a ‘drop in the ocean’ compared to the amount of food that was handed out

  4. advised that there had been 170% increase in demand between April 2008 and April 2013


  1. advised that the larder was funded by grants, small gifts of cash from the general public and larger gifts from local companies

  2. advised that people could be referred to the larder by a number of agencies some included:

    • Framework
    • YMCA
    • Citizens Advice Bureau
    • Probation
    •  Mental Health Services
    • Health Visitors


  1. advised that ideally a larder voucher should only be issued when all other avenues had been exhausted

  2. stated that the Larder see’s vulnerable people with limited life skills, mental health problems or insufficient income to make ends meet

  3. gave examples of a typical week at the Larder explaining that last week they saw 80 people and was broken down as follows:

    • 15 were children
    • 3 were homeless
    • 1 had fled to a women’s refuge due to domestic violence
    • 46 had no money due to problems with  benefit claims,12 of those were due to benefits being sanctioned


  1. advised that there had been a steep rise in referrals because of sanctions to Job Seekers Allowance


  1. referred to a display board that set out  more information about the Larder, referrers, customers and a breakdown of funding and an example of a typical food parcel for one person for 3 days


The Chair requested that the display board be placed in reception to raise the profile of the larder amongst customers and staff.


Joy Blundell, Acts Trust and Foodbank


  1. gave a short presentation advising on the work undertaken by the Foodbank and the ACTs Trust to mitigate poverty within the City

  2. advised on the Foodbank situated on Newark Road and identified Abbey and Park Ward as the largest demand for food parcels


  1. advised that food for the parcels was sourced differently to the larder, it was donated by people from the local church community from schools and through collections outside supermarket entrances


  1. advised that 1447 people had received food parcels last year, there had been a 150% increase in demand


  1. advised that they had also worked alongside Christians Against Poverty to develop a debt management programme, there had been clients over a year where volunteers had gone on a journey with clients to get them debt free


  1. advised on the work of the Restore Centre explaining key areas that they work in:


·        Free debt advice

·        Free legal advice

·        Furniture

·        Clothing and Emergency Food

·        Help at home

·        A range of free courses

·        Healthy Living Support

·        Ongoing Support

·        Signposting to other organisations


  1. advised that there had been 176 referrals made to the Restore Centre and advised on the  primary reasons for referral


·        Furniture

·        Debt advice

·        Clothing

·        Mentoring

·        Food


  1. advised that the emphasis of the project was that poverty was a community problem and the community should work together to mitigate the effects in the City


  1. stated that there was a member of staff and volunteers and advised on the benefits of social contact with volunteers in the community and emphasised the importance of this to reduce social isolation and to limit depression and anxiety. It was important to recognise the psychological impacts on poverty.


RESOLVED that the presentations be noted with thanks.