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Asset Management Group

This page lists the meetings for the Asset Management Group. If you require any further information regarding this or another matter relating to Democratic Services you can contact us by writing to or visiting City Hall, emailing or by telephone (01522 873387).


Information about Asset Management Group

Asset Management Group Terms of Reference


1.         Introduction


1.1       The Asset Management Group is a formally constituted sub-committee of the Executive operating under the usual committee protocols with terms of reference set out below.


2.         Terms of Reference


2.1       To agree the content of the Asset Management Plan for recommendation onto Council and to receive updates on progress/actions/performance framework.

2.2       To determine priorities within the capital planned and cyclical maintenance programmes and receive updates on progress/actions/performance framework.

2.3       To determine the priority of property related projects.

2.4       To determine and monitor property disposals and transactions in order to meet capital receipts and revenue targets.

2.5       To recommend to Executive certain property disposals for decision, such as those which are contentious or have a significant value.

2.6       To monitor and review those issues relating to sustainability and natural use of resources for corporate assets.

2.7       To receive options appraisals and property review assessments and recommendations.


3.         Membership


3.1       The quorum for the Asset Management Group is three members.

3.2       If a member of the Asset Management Group is unable to attend a meeting of the Group an additional member of the Executive may be nominated to attend as a substitute in his or her place.

3.3       The Asset Management Group shall comprise the following persons:



  • Leader of the Council
  • Deputy Leader of the Council
  • Portfolio Holder for Planning Policy and Economic Regeneration


Officer Attendees

  • Property Manager (Corporate Property Officer)
  • Assistant Director (Business Development and Finance)
  • Housing Asset Manager
  • Assistant Director (Planning and Regeneration)
  • Financial Services Manager
  • Other officers of the Council to attend as and when required