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Licensing Committee

This page lists the meetings for the Licensing Committee. If you require any further information regarding this or another matter relating to Democratic Services you can contact us by writing to or visiting City Hall, emailing or by telephone (01522 873387).

Information about Licensing Committee

Article 8 of the Council’s Constitution relates to Regulatory and other Committees/Panels


8.1 Regulatory and other Committees


The Council will appoint the following committees to discharge the responsibilities set out in Table IA of the Tables of Responsibility for Council functions in part 3 of this Constitution :-

 - Planning Committee

 - Licensing Committee


8.2 Proceedings of Regulatory and other Committees


(i) Regulatory and other Committees must conduct their proceedings in accordance with Rules 6-8, 12.3 to 12.7, 14-17 and 18-28 (but not Rule 23.1or 26) of the Council Procedure Rules set out in Part 4 of this Constitution.


(iii) The Licensing Committee and Licensing Sub Committee when acting in accordance with the Licensing Act 2003 shall conduct the proceedings in accordance with their own hearing procedure.