Constitution - Thursday, 13th April 2023 2.00 pm

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Documents Control pdf icon PDF 216 KB

Part 1

Summary and Explanation pdf icon PDF 220 KB

Part 2

Articles of the Constitution pdf icon PDF 698 KB


Article 1:

The Constitution


Article 2:

Members of the Council


Article 3:

Citizens and the Council


Article 4:

The Full Council


Article 5:

The Mayor and Deputy Mayor


Article 6:

Scrutiny Committees


Article 7:

The Executive


Article 8:

Regulatory and other Committees/Panels


Article 9:

Audit Committees


Article 10:

The Ethics and Engagement Committee


Article 11:

Area Committees/Forums


Article 12:

Joint Arrangements


Article 13:

Officers of the Council


Article 14:

Decision Making


Article 15:

Finance, Contracts and Legal Matters


Article 16:

Review and Revision of the Constitution


Article 17:

Suspension, Interpretation and Publication of the Constitution


Part 3

Responsibilities for Functions pdf icon PDF 1 MB

Part 4

Procedural Rules pdf icon PDF 1 MB

  • Council Procedure Rules

·         Access to Information Procedure Rules

  • Budget and Policy Framework Procedure Rules
  • Executive Procedure Rules
    Scrutiny Procedure Rules
  • Financial Procedure Rules
  • Contracts Procedure Rules
  • Officer Employment Procedure Rules

Part 5

Codes and Protocols pdf icon PDF 1 MB

·         Code of Conduct for Members

·         Employee Code of Conduct

·         Probity in Planning:  Code of Practice

Part 6

Members' Allowance Scheme pdf icon PDF 298 KB

Part 7

Member-Officer Protocol pdf icon PDF 286 KB

Part 8

Petition Scheme pdf icon PDF 225 KB

Part 9

Management Structure pdf icon PDF 74 KB