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Commons Advisory Panel - Tuesday, 19th March 2019 6.00 pm

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Declarations of Interest

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Confirmation of Minutes - 3 December 2018 pdf icon PDF 97 KB


RESOLVED that the minutes of the meeting held on 3 December 2019 be confirmed, subject to the following amended text to be inserted within Minute No 61: Fallow Period/Horse Numbers:


'Caroline Steel, representing Lincolnshire Wildlife Trust advised that the sward on South Common would benefit from as many animals as possible grazing.'


Matters Arising


Caroline Bird, Community Services Manager, reported that a request had been received from a property on Long Leys Road to enter into a maintenance agreement in respect of the boundary line at the back of their garden with the West Common.


Lee George, Open Spaces Officer, circulated a photo taken at the bottom of the garden concerned showing Elms planted along the boundary line. He suggested that the Elms be removed as they may not grow too well, to be replanted with Lime trees. The property owner would bear the cost of the work subject to it being carried out by the council itself. Future maintenance of the boundary line would be recharged to the owner of the property.


George Woolfenden, representing West End Residents Association/Open Spaces Society, emphasised that should a maintenance agreement be signed it should not set a precedent and remain ‘without prejudice’.


Councillor Neil Murray, Chair, assured the Panel that any other similar requests would require the agreement of the Council on an individual basis.


Caroline Steel, representing Lincolnshire Wildlife Trust, advised that the elm regrowth would need to be cut down each year. Lee George agreed this would be necessary.


Councillor Mair asked what would happen if the existing house owners moved on.


Caroline Bird advised that any legal agreement with the existing landowner would end at that point.


Caroline Steel suggested that any change to the Common boundary should form part of the Commons Management Plan, preferably the establishment of a hedge with hawthorn/other species.


RESOLVED that maintenance in respect of the Commons boundary be formed only as part of the Commons Management Plan using a hawthorn hedge/other species.


Western Power-Proposed New Route for Power Cables on the Cow Paddle


Anthony Parker, representing Western Power Distribution, circulated a map detailing revised proposals to route underground cables across the Cow Paddle.


He updated the Panel on the following main points:


·         The new route required a new cutting through the dismantled railway line.

·         The land to the north consisted of a Victorian landfill site. Improvements would be made to this area as part of the scheme.

·         The new route took cables through the northern end of the railway boundary.

·         The work would provide electricity supply to areas such as RAF Waddington, Waddington Village, Western Growth Corridor, Teal Park, and Rookery Lane.


Caroline Bird, Community Services Manager, confirmed that officers had walked the whole of the revised route with Anthony and considered it to be much improved. The detail within the method statement would be easy to resolve and officers could not see a problem with the proposals.


RESOLVED that support for a revised route for underground electricity cables across the Cow Paddle be given by Commons Advisory Panel.


Work Priorities- Use of Car Parking Income pdf icon PDF 53 KB

Additional documents:


Caroline Bird, Community Services Manager:


a.    provided a report to update Commons Advisory Panel (CAP) on the work priorities agreed at September and December CAPs using income from Lincoln City Football Club’s use of Malandry Closes for car parking on match days


b.    reported on car parking income currently totalling £26,652 at the end of the last football season, although season 2018/19 income had yet to be added to this balance


c.    highlighted that officers had committed to bring a work programme for the highest priorities, timescales and budget to future CAP meetings, taking into account the outcomes of the revised management plan and previous legal views sought


d.    outlined the content of the work programme which had been updated since the last meeting with a broad delivery timetable where defined dates were not yet available, as detailed at Appendix A of her report


e.    requested members’ feedback on the content of the report.


Jon Davies, representing Long Leys Residents Association, sought and received confirmation from officers that new benches would be erected on both the South and West Common.


Caroline Steel, representing Lincolnshire Wildlife Trust welcomed work done by Carholme Golf Club on clearing the main pond Frog spawn had been seen there. She had envisaged that the work would be done in two stages, however it looked very good.


Simon Elley, representing Carholme Golf Club, agreed to check with the green staff as to how the work had been completed.


Caroline Steel suggested that House Martin nest boxes still needed to go in. She agreed to investigate potential supply from Lincolnshire Wildlife Trust and get back to officers with numbers/possible nesting sites.


Alastair Brookes, Conservation Ranger, City of Lincoln Council, suggested that volunteers could be asked to make up and install the bird boxes.


George Woolfenden, representing West End Resident Association/Open Spaces Society suggested that the squeeze gate/ stile at the end of the white railings on the Common could be replaced with a standard gate as a cheaper alternative.


Lee George, Open Spaces Officer agreed to investigate.


Councillor Neil Murray, Chair, thanked officers for a positive report.




1.    Ideas for suitable nesting boxes on the City Commons be fed back by to officers by Caroline Steel.


2.    Cheaper alternatives to replace the squeeze gate on City Commons be investigated by officers.


3.    The content of the officer’s report be noted.


Commons Management Plan Update pdf icon PDF 52 KB

Additional documents:


Caroline Bird, Community Services Manager:


a.    presented a report which provided an update to the Commons Advisory Panel (CAP) on the Commons Management Plan


b.    referred to an update on the Management Plan activities attached at Appendix A to her report, which showed a summary of the non-routine actions delivered since the previous update, ongoing works and works planned for the coming quarters, including on-going volunteer work


c.    advised that a review of the Management Plan had commenced, and that a volunteer had contributed significant time to updating and reformatting the previous version


d.    highlighted that first draft aims and objectives for the revised Management Plan were circulated to CAP members in December involving liaison with Lincolnshire Wildlife Trust (LWT) in a ‘critical friend’ role


e.    reported that LWT would also be carrying out ecology surveys of the three commons to help inform the management actions


f.     confirmed that a detailed timeline for delivering the revised Management Plan would be developed once survey dates were known, including consultation with CAP, hopefully at the next scheduled meeting, with the council’s intention of adoption before the end of 2019


g.    requested members’ comments on the content of the report and action plan.


Caroline Steel, representing Lincolnshire Wildlife Trust, asked what form the volunteer weed clearance would involve on or around 23 April 2019?


Alistair Brookes, Conservation Ranger, advised that this work related to ragwort clearance, although it was more likely to be completed in May/June.


Caroline Steel requested that details of any volunteer tasks be circulated to the Panel before being actioned.


Barbara Woolfenden, representing Lincoln Commons Horse Association offered the help of her group to help pull ragwort.


Alistair Brookes reported that University staff had also offered volunteering dates which could be utilised.


Alison Griffiths, representing Carholme Community Forum reported that students had been helping out with volunteer work in Liquorice Park which was very helpful.


Councillor Preston added that students had also helped out with litter picking duties.


RESOLVED that the content of the officer’s report be noted.


Signage - Carholme Golf Club


Caroline Bird, Community Services Manager advised that she had received legal advice on the matter of signage, which she would e mail to Simon Elley at Carholme Golf Club.


RESOLVED that this item be deferred to the next meeting.


Any Other Business


Vic Hughes, representing Lincoln Civic Trust made comments as follows on behalf of his organisation:


·         He had counted 11 horses on the South Common. He hoped we were going to continue with the practice of encouraging additional horses there as it was proving to be a success.


·         Parking on South Common on match days was exceeding the permitted area of 0.4 hectare.


·         Problems were being experienced with the ‘chaffer bug’ which ate the grass. Crows were also swooping down to scavenge causing havoc.


·         Extension of Residents Parking Scheme as part of the Sincil Bank Regeneration Scheme would shift parking habits to the South Park area which restricted access to the Commons.


Lee George, Open Spaces Officer advised that there were no legal chemicals to use against the chaffer bug.


Simon Elley, representing Carholme Golf Club, suggested using kites to deter flying birds in particularly badly hit areas.


Councillor Neil Murray, Chair, advised that he was delighted to see further use of Malandry Closes for car parking on match days as it brought in extra income ring-fenced for improvements to the City Commons.


Councillor Neil Murray emphasised the need for residents parking to be extended to Sincil Bank to help local residents to be able to park in the vicinity of their homes. The imposition of car parking restrictions up to one/two hours may help alleviate concerns regarding parking along South Park. He would feed this back into the Resident Parking Scheme consultation process.




1.    Concerns regarding pressure caused by additional RPS shifting parking habits to the South Park area and restricting access to the Commons be fed back into the RPS consultation process.


2.    Comments received be noted.


Dates of Future Meetings


Monday 1 July 2019 6.00pm Committee Rooms1/2