Agenda and draft minutes

Commons Advisory Panel
Monday, 1st July 2019 6.00 pm

Venue: Committee Room 1, City Hall

Contact: Ali Hewson , Democratic Services Officer  Tel:(01522 873370) e mail:

No. Item


Declarations of Interest

Please note that, in accordance with the Members' Code of Conduct, when declaring interests members must disclose the existence and nature of the interest, and whether it is a disclosable pecuniary interest (DPI) or personal and/or pecuniary.


None declared.


Confirmation of Minutes -19 March 2019 pdf icon PDF 89 KB


RESOLVED that the minutes of the meeting held on 19 March 2019 be confirmed, subject to the following amendments:


Minute No 68: Western Power- Proposed New Route for Power Cables on the Cow Paddle


3rd Para: Caroline Steel advised that Western Power had walked the route along with Lincolnshire Wildlife Trust and Council officers and she was happy with the way things were going.


Minute No 70: Commons Management Plan Update


Caroline Steel, representing Lincolnshire Wildlife Trust requested that members of the Panel be kept informed of volunteer tasks being carried out in order they could join in if they wished.


Minute No 70: Any Other Business


There were no legal chemicals to use against the Chafer grubs which ate grass roots in their juvenile stage before emerging as beetles. Crows and other birds fed on the grubs which caused damage to the turf.


Matters Arising


Minute No 72: Any Other Business: Resident’s Parking, Sincil Bank Area


Vic Hughes, representing Lincoln Civic Trust, referred to concerns regarding the future introduction of additional RPS around Sincil Bank which would shift parking habits to the South Park area. He emphasised his disagreement to this as it just moved a problem on. Two hour restricted bay parking on South Park would result in commuters leaving their vehicles where the resident’s parked.


Councillor Neil Murray requested that Vic Hughes drop him an e mail to arrange a site visit along with Sally Davies and Chris Box of South Park Resident’s Association to explain the proposals for a Residents Parking Scheme (RPS) in the Sincil Bank area and a way forward with 2 hour spots for Common users.


Action: A site visit be arranged at South Park between Councillor Murray, Chris Box, Sally Davies and Vic Hughes to discuss RPS further.


Minute No 68: Western Power- Proposed New Route for Power Cables on the Cow Paddle


Caroline Bird, Community Services Manager, reported that Western Power had asked if it could use the changing rooms on the Cow Paddle as a site storage facility.


RESOLVED that use of the former changing rooms by Western Power as a site storage facility during electricity cabling works on the Cow Paddle be agreed.


Minute No 72 Any Other Business: Match Day Parking: Malandry Closes


George Woolfenden, representing West End Resident’s Association/Open Spaces Society requested that permitted parking on match days on Malandry Closes of 0.4 of a hectare be delineated as such.


RESOLVED that Steve Bird, Assistant Director for Communities and Street Scene would speak with Lincoln City Football Club regarding delineation of 0.4 of a hectare area at Malandry Closes for match day parking.


Cyclocross Event

Attendance by John Cotton


John Cotton, addressed Commons Advisory Panel in his capacity as Secretary of the Lincolnshire Cyclo-Cross Association, covering the following main points:


·         He was here today to express his concerns that Lincolnshire Cyclo-Cross Association had been refused permission to hold a Cyclo-Cross event on the South Common.

·         As a local resident, in 1970 he joined the Velo Club in Lincoln and served on its Committee since 1974. He now held honorary membership.

·         In 2011 he became secretary of the Lincolnshire Cyclo-Cross Association.

·         His job was to administer a programme of 15 race days each season for the Lincolnshire Championship Series.

·         He introduced Stuart Marshall, famous cyclist from Lincoln to the sport.

·         Cyclo-Cross was an off-road cycle course.

·         It was safer than racing on the open road.

·         It involved all age groups.

·         South Common was an important course in terms of Cyclo-Cross history; events had been held previously on Cow Paddle, West Common and South Common.

·         South Common was an iconic course, with numerous options.

·         From 1977-mid 1990’s Lincoln Wheelers and Velo Club Lincoln had held events on South Common. The East of England Championships and the Schools National Championships were held there, plus many others too.

·         The event helped to promote Lincoln with good parking access.

·         He requested permission to use South Common for one Lincolnshire Championship qualifier event per year, together with a few schools events etc.

·         Councillor Bushell had referred him to this Panel for advice and he hoped to gain approval to hold this event.


Councillor Sue Burke enquired who had refused permission to hold the event.


John Cotton advised that he was not sure who had made the decision. A new course had been found now, however, he didn’t want to lose the South Common totally as a venue as it had a great history of events.


Caroline Bird, Community Services Manager, confirmed that she had refused permission for the event on the basis of the Panel’s previous views regarding no cycling on the Commons. She asked when the last event had been held on the South Common.


John Cotton confirmed that the last event was hosted by Pain Train Lincoln on 7 October 2018. He walked/approved the course and ran the event. There were no problems as far as he was aware. The organisers had reported since there had been an issue with some rather abusive dog walkers although this had been dealt with at the time.


External members expressed the following concerns:


·         The Panel had recently approved ‘No cycling’ signage on Common land without any negative representations having been made.

·         The event could cause damage to vegetation/wildflowers.

·         The event was distressing for horses.

·         Issues of conflict with other Common users

·         Damage to footpaths.


John Cotton defended the event reporting that it would not cause permanent damage to the Commons or distress to horses.


Further discussion took place amongst Panel members regarding the merits of holding a cycle event on South Common which was an open space for everyone to enjoy, and the need to accommodate  ...  view the full minutes text for item 4.


Work Priorities- Use of Car Parking Income pdf icon PDF 52 KB

Additional documents:


Caroline Bird, Community Services Manager:


a.    provided a report to update Commons Advisory Panel (CAP) on the work priorities agreed at previous CAP meetings using income from Lincoln City Football Club’s use of Malandry Closes for car parking on match days


b.    reported on car parking income totalling £26,652 at the end of the last football season, with a further £6,060 income added in 2018/19


c.    confirmed the current balance available was £20,778, taking into account spend and committed spend at June 2019


d.    highlighted that officers had committed to bring a work programme for the highest priorities, to future CAP meetings, with updates to timelines and budget as work progressed


e.    outlined the content of the work programme which had been updated since the last meeting with a broad delivery timetable where defined dates were not yet available and costs included where known or estimated, (lines highlighted were already spent or committed) as detailed at Appendix A of her report


f.     referred to Appendix B of her report which included plans for South Common and West Common showing suggested bench locations, for CAP views


g.    requested members’ feedback on the content of the report.


Chris Box, representing South Park Residents Association, asked whether new waste bins would be placed near the new benches.


Caroline Bird confirmed that only the cost of benches had been priced up.


Miriam Smith, representing Lincolnshire Fieldpath’s Association highlighted that the vistas on the Viking Way needed cutting.


Panel members suggested benches be located at the following points:


·         Relocation: To South Park instead of outside the Pitstop Garage opposite Washingborough Road, which was a very noisy area.

·         Vista at the top of the Viking Way.

·         Pond at South Common.

·         West Common- 100 metres further away from horse feeding area

·         Further up Long Leys Road not close to gate.

·         Additional bench on West Common on path- equal distances apart.


Members discussed the style of benches to be installed, which would be easily maintained, treated and stained to be long lasting.

Members also suggested that dedicated benches be installed with plaques on the back to help finance them.


Caroline Bird highlighted that although this group did not have an adopted donation policy this could be considered for the future.


Members further considered the updated work priorities list as detailed at Appendix A to the report. Comments were made as follows:


·         The nest boxes were nearly all installed.

·         The areas of grass cut on the City Commons should be mapped to monitor success.

·         Grass cutting should commence from the middle and radiate outwards to give more chance for insects etc. to disperse.

·         New horse feeding areas had not yet been completed.

·         Problems with pedestrians trapped by horses on the West Common were being monitored.




1.    A draft donations policy be brought back to the next meeting of Commons Advisory Panel for consideration.


2.    Suggestions for siting of new benches be actioned.


3.    The content of the officer’s report be noted.


Commons Management Plan Update

Additional documents:


Caroline Bird, Community Services Manager:


a.    presented a report which provided an update to the Commons Advisory Panel (CAP) on the Commons Management Plan


b.    referred to an update on the Management Plan activities attached at Appendix A to her report, which showed a summary of the non-routine actions delivered since the previous update, ongoing works and works planned for the coming quarters, including on-going volunteer work


c.    advised that a review of the Management Plan had commenced, and that a volunteer had contributed significant time to updating and reformatting the previous version


d.    highlighted that first draft aims and objectives for the revised Management Plan were circulated to CAP members in December involving liaison with Lincolnshire Wildlife Trust (LWT) in a ‘critical friend’ role


e.    reported that LWT had now carried out out ecology surveys of the three commons and the outcomes of these surveys would be fundamentally important in informing the management actions; a summary of findings could be found at Appendix B to her report with full survey results expected later in the year


f.     confirmed that the receipt of the summary information enabled development of the management plan to recommence, an outline timetable had been drafted and agreed with LWT as detailed at Appendix C to her report


g.    highlighted the council’s intention to adopt the revised plan before the end of 2019 following consultation, and requested nominations to form a sub group of CAP members to get involved in some of the details of the plan


h.    requested members’ comments on the content of the report and action plan.





1.    A sub group of Commons Advisory Panel be formed to contribute to the Management Plan review, made up of the following members:


·         Councillor Neil Murray

·         Gretchen Fixter

·         Caroline Steel

·         Emma Olivier-Townrow

·         George Woolfenden

·         Chris Box


2.    The content of the officer’s report be noted.




Nature Walk


Gretchen Fixter, representing Lincoln Commons Horse Association, thanked Caroline Steel for leading a lovely nature walk on the Commons, which had been most enjoyable.


Drinking Taps


Emma Olivier-Townrow, representing Long Leys Residents Association, asked whether drinking water taps could be installed on the Commons, to encourage re use of plastic bottles in the interests of ecology.


Action: Caroline Bird, Community Services Manager agreed to look into this matter as part of the Commons Management Plan.


South Common Gate


Chris Box, representing South Park Residents Association reported that the gate at South Park was inoperative.


Lee George, Open Spaces Officer confirmed that he was waiting for delivery of spare parts for the gate which had been locked off until it could be repaired.


Chris Box also referred to areas of the Victorian fencing which had become rusty.


Lee George suggested that volunteers be sought to help with repainting.


Carholme Golf Club-Fairways


Councillor Neil Murray highlighted that residents in the West End had noticed that the fairways were now wider?


Simon Elley, representing Carholme Golf Club, advised that the fairways hadn’t increased in size although the rough may have been reduced.


Action: Walkabout of Course to be arranged between Councillor Neil Murray/ Steve Bird/Caroline Bird and Simon Elley to discuss further.