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Commons Advisory Panel - Monday, 3rd April 2017 6.00 pm

Venue: Committee Rooms 1 and 2, City Hall

Contact: Ali Hewson , Democratic Services Officer  Tel:(01522 873370) e mail:

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Confirmation of Minutes - 03 January 2017 pdf icon PDF 96 KB


RESOLVED that the minutes of the meeting held on 3 January 2017 be confirmed.




The Democratic Services Officer confirmed that Adrian Sweeney would attend future meetings of Commons Advisory Panel as representative for Carholme Golf Club in replacement of Graham Wright.


Caroline Steel, was due to retire from her position at Lincolnshire Wildlife Trust this month. She would continue to represent the Trust and wildlife conservation on Commons Advisory Panel as recommended by the Chief Executive of Lincolnshire Wildlife Trust, Paul Learoyd, and supported by Councillor Neil Murray, Chair of Commons Advisory Panel.


Matters Arising


Minute No 20: South Common on Match Days


Vic Hughes, representing Lincoln Civic Trust, referred to his request for an update on expenditure to date in respect of ring-fenced income from car parking charges on the South Common on match days.


Caroline Bird, Community Services Officer, presented the updated budget statement in relation to the above covering the following main points:


·         It was reported to Commons Advisory Panel in September 2013 that £9027.00 was available in the ring-fenced fund.

·         In 2014 the Panel prioritised the following four areas of outstanding work:


Ø  Pond clearance - West Common

Ø  West Parade gate repairs

Ø  Signage of Commons

Ø  Commission of survey re Commons boundary identification


·         To date the following sums had been spent:



Expenditure (£)

Pond works


West Parade Gate   


Survey re Commons boundary








Funds Remaining:


+ Income Allocated Recently*


Available Funds:



·         *In the last few days a further £4,872.00 had been allocated for transfer into the fund making a new total of £6,730.00 to spend on the priorities of the group.


The Panel discussed options to spend this budget.


Vic Hughes, representing Lincoln Civic Trust voiced his concern that the money should be spent on works over and above that already scheduled as part of the annual maintenance budget for the City Commons.


Caroline Bird, Community Services Manager confirmed that car parking income was ring-fenced in a separate fund. The annual maintenance budget for the Commons unfortunately did not cover everything that needed action.


Councillor Neil Murray advised that although the Commons budget was protected, it was finite and hadn’t increased. This money allowed for additional work to be carried out.


Councillor Karen Lee suggested that the money be allocated to a project to fund additional signage and dog waste bins.


Caroline Steel, representing Lincolnshire Wildlife Trust advised that the West Common pond project had been really effective and the aim should be to get South Common pond to a similar standard.




1.    Funds ring-fenced from car parking charges on South Common on match days be used for:


·         Additional dog fouling bins

·         Signage survey


2.    Following completion of the above works, an update on any remaining available funds be reported back to the Panel to be allocated accordingly.


Minute No 18


Dog Fouling Update


Caroline Bird, Community Services Manager, advised that together with Dave Charysz, Open Spaces Officer, she had met with the ASB team to discuss the issue of dog fouling. The Enforcement Officer had spent a month of mornings patrolling the Commons but hadn’t manage to catch any dog fouling offenders. However, he would resume this duty periodically and would keep a watching brief.


George Woolfenden, representing West End Residents Association/Open Spaces Society, stated that people found walking their dogs in Boston without a bag with them to dispose of any dog waste were liable to be fined.


Steve Bird, Assistant Director Communities and Street Scene, agreed to seek a response from the ASB Team regarding  ...  view the full minutes text for item 24.


Carholme Community Gala

(Agenda item requested by Councillor Lee)


Councillor Karen Lee asked for an update on the meeting held between the Chair, Councillor Neil Murray, City of Lincoln Council officers and representatives from Carholme Golf Club to discuss arrangements for Carholme Community Gala in future years.


Steve Bird, Assistant Director Communities and Street Scene, reported that the meeting had been constructive. It had been agreed that the use of the land at the back of the Grandstand was acceptable as long as reasonable steps were taken to mitigate Health and Safety issues using a marker to keep activities behind the tree line.


Councillor Karen Lee expressed concern about the future of the golf club course and queried whether it would still be available in September for the gala.


Adrian Sweeney, representing Carholme Golf Club, confirmed that the club would definitely be open for another year as members had just renewed their yearly membership.


Councillor Neil Murray concluded that any health and safety issues would be addressed as part of the risk assessment for the gala. Hopefully it would be a very successful event in September 2017.


RESOLVED that the content of the verbal update be noted.


Standard Agenda Item: Commons Management Plan Update pdf icon PDF 60 KB

Additional documents:


Caroline Bird, Community Services Manager:


a.    provided a written report to Commons Advisory Panel on the Commons Management Plan covering the period January – March 2017 and the forthcoming quarter, as detailed at Appendix A to the report


b.    advised that in January 2013 the Council’s Executive approved the Lincoln Commons Management Plan 2012-2017 which included separate action plans relating to each of the three Commons – South Common, West Common and Cow Paddle, together with an over-arching action plan


c.    confirmed that in August 2013 a revised action plan was agreed by the Executive; it was noted that opportunities to deliver on actions detailed within the plan were limited and in many cases subject to future funding or staff resources; since that time, a progress update had been provided prior to each Commons Advisory Panel meeting.


d.    advised that there was a potential opportunity to carry out repainting works to the white fence along Carholme Road using funds from the maintenance budget and/or volunteers


e.    requested members’ comments on the content of the report. 


Councillor Karan Lee suggested that volunteer students may like to get involved in painting the white fence along Carholme Road rather than use the maintenance budget for this. She agreed to pass relevant student contact details to Steve Bird.


Steve Bird, Assistant Director, Communities and Street Scene, stated that officers were close to setting up a volunteer team for the City Commons hopefully in the next few months.


Caroline Steel, representing Lincolnshire Wildlife Trust, asked whether the 2012 -2017 Management Plan was due to be refreshed and offered her assistance if required.


Caroline Bird, Community Services Manager, responded that she was aware the plan ran out this year but unfortunately there were no resources set aside for this piece of work. She would of course try and find a way to deliver a follow- up plan.


Caroline Steel, representing Lincolnshire Wildlife Trust, stated that the Trust would be willing to help on contract terms if this was appropriate.


RESOLVED that the Commons Management Plan 2018 moving forward be included as an agenda item at the meeting of Commons Advisory Panel to be held on 11 December 2017.


Reports from External Members

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