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Lincoln BIG Update

Meeting: 20/07/2022 - Select Scrutiny Committee (Item 6.)

6. Lincoln Business Improvement Group - Update

Meeting: 21/07/2021 - Select Scrutiny Committee (Item 7)

7 Lincoln Business Improvement Group - Update

Additional documents:


In light of Sarah Loftus, Chief Executive of Lincoln BIG unfortunatelybeing unable to attend tonight’s meeting, the following documents were presented on her behalf:


·         Covid Activity- this showed the activity that Lincoln BIG undertook: Pages 5-7 of Annual Report 2019-20


·         Annual Report – this showed the activity ongoing in 2021/22 (Annual Report 2021/22. Priority 1: Welcome most relevant to tonight’s meeting.)


Lincoln BIG also highlighted a number of safety issues facing the city having arisen during Covid and the re-opening of the road map:


·         More graffiti

·         Cycling/E-Scooter problem on the High Street

·         Lack of visible policing in the city

·         Buskers- the policy presented this evening had been updated and people were encouraged to follow it

·         Return of homelessness and beggars and the need to reconnect and work closely with the Intervention Team at City of Lincoln Council.


RESOLVED that the content of the documented presentation be noted.