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City of Lincoln Council Environmental Policy

Meeting: 20/09/2021 - Executive (Item 38)

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Purpose of Report


To consider the Council’s Environmental Policy and to approve the recommended amendments.




That the revised City of Lincoln Council Environmental Policy be approved.


Alternative Options Considered and Rejected




Reasons for the Decision



On 6th January 2020 Executive approved the Lincoln Zero Carbon report, recommending that the Council adopt an environmental Policy by Spring 2020. 


On 23rd July 2019 Full Council passed a Motion to declare a climate and environmental emergency. The Motion included a commitment from the Council to take action to deliver carbon reductions to reduce the Council’s own carbon emissions.


On 24th September 2019 Full Council passed a Motion to support Lincoln to achieve plastic free community status and to eliminate, wherever possible, single use plastics from the Council’s operations.


On 23 March 2020 the Leader of the Council approved the Council’s Environmental Policy, and it was published on the Council’s website.


To ensure the Council’s Environmental Policy was communicated and implemented across the authority it was proposed to add additional requirements as detailed within the officer’s report.


The purpose of an Environmental Policy was to set out our goals for protecting and improving the environment. The Policy covered all of our activities and estate, including our ‘landlord’ responsibilities for property and council homes.

Adopting an Environmental Policy would help to ensure that all Council employees applied the policy where it related to their role in the authority’s corporate activities. In addition, the policy would enable the Council to encourage and support our partners to adopt their own policies, leading by example.