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Allocations Policy Update

Meeting: 14/12/2020 - Executive (Item 53)

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Purpose of Report


To seek approval for minor amendments to the Council’s Allocations Policy which was approved in March 2020.




That the minor amendments to the Council’s Allocations Policy, as set out in the report, be approved.


Alternative Options Considered and Rejected




Reason for Decision


Since approval of the Council’s Housing Allocations Policy in March 2020, it had been noted that one section of the policy relating to Armed Forces did not fully reflect the latest legislation and guidance. The Policy had therefore been updated accordingly, with an additional appendix being included entitled ‘Bypass Reasons’ to ensure that the Council was completely transparent in all of its dealings with the allocation of accommodation.


Councillor Donald Nannestad welcomed the amendments to the document in relation to those serving in the Armed Forces. In addition, he highlighted some issues that had occurred in the implementation of the Allocations Policy since its approval in March from a systematic perspective. It was reported that the bidding process associated with allocating accommodation was solely undertaken online and significant changes to the software used to facilitate this as a result of the new Policy had been required. Unfortunately, as part of the first lockdown in relation to Covid-19 earlier in the year, the third party operator of the software had furloughed the majority of its staff and had only just returned to a full complement. It was therefore hoped that the system, including the new policy and subsequent amendments considered at this meeting, would be up and running by the end of December or the beginning of January.


Councillor Chris Burke took the opportunity to highlight the significance of recognising those who served in the Armed Forces.