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Ethics and Engagement Committee
Wednesday, 12th December 2012

  Agenda     Minutes     Attendance  
Ethics and Engagement Committee
Date: 12 December 2012
Time: 6:00pm
Location: Committee Room 1, City Hall
Printed Minutes filetype: pdf  (245KB)
Committee Contact Details
Contact Name: Democratic Services
Telephone: 01522 873370/371/619/533

Councillor Geoff Ellis
Councillor David Jackson
(Vice Chairman)
Councillor Chris Burke Councillor Brent Charlesworth
Councillor Ronald Hills Councillor Rosanne Kirk Russell Pond
(Independent Member)
Councillor Hilton Spratt
Councillor Ralph Toofany       
Committee Member Role in Committee Attendance
Councillor Geoff Ellis   Chairman   Present  
Councillor David Jackson   Vice Chairman   Apologised  
Councillor Chris Burke   Member   Present  
Councillor Brent Charlesworth   Member   Present  
Councillor Ronald Hills   Member   Present  
Councillor Rosanne Kirk   Member   Present  
Russell Pond   Member   Present  
Councillor Hilton Spratt   Member   Apologised  
Councillor Ralph Toofany   Member   Present  

Additional Attendees
There were no additional attendees

Attending Substitutes
There were no attending substitutes
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